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Some more sight seeing in Argentina!

April 17th, 2014 kcgarc15

Hi everyone!!!

Today I am posting random photos of things I have done since my last blog! Hope y’all enjoy it!

 Here I am holding a beautiful butterfly <3 My favorite visit of all times! 


Visited one of the few remaining indigenous tribes in South America known as the Guarani tribe. 


Found this interesting historical artifact named the Racial Tablet which was used to rank people based on eye spacing, skin complexion, and hair texture. Argentina stopped using this in 1960s. 


Sitting next to famous comedians on Avenida Corrientes, a very popular street in Buenos Aires known for hosting the best theatre shows in all South America. 





Hope you guys enjoyed my photos!! I will be visiting the north of Argentina this weekend to a place called Salta, so there will be more photos to come 🙂




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