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Preparing for My Trip!!!

January 9th, 2014 kcgarc15

Hiii Everyone!!!!

I am very excited to share my life story with you all! I will start off by introducing myself..

          My name is Kelly Garcia and I am from Chelsea, MA a small city outside of Boston. I am a junior at the College of the Holy Cross majoring in Psychology with a concentration of Women and Gender studies. This coming spring semester I will be continuing my studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the moment, I am very nervous for my trip yet a bit excited! I hope my nerves wash away soon! 

          I am currently packing which means my room is a complete disaster!! lol! My room has never been this messy 🙁 But it will all be over soon..I hope! As of right now, I have only packed my hair and nail supplies, medicine, lotions, perfume, and my family photos…I still have to pack clothes, shoes, purses, and much more! I have a long way to go still! This has been very stressful but everything will get done in time! #Hopeful #Motivated #Positive 

          This has just been a short intro to my life and hope you stick around to get to know me better. Feel free to comment on my posts and I will be sure to answer and questions or concerns you have! Thank you for reading my post! 🙂 I have to get back to packing now! Ttyl!! Be sure to look out for my future posts!!!  



Much love,

Kelly 🙂 



17 days left!!!!!

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