Kelly Garcia ’15

Hi everyone!!

Last week, Holy Cross students took a trip up to the north where we visited two cities called Salta and Jujuy. The weather was nice and the view was to die for! This has certainly been my favorite trip thus far! Enjoy!!


Check out the blue sky! These photos have no filter and have truly captured these beautiful moments while abroad. 

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Here Vicky (HC student) and I are in Salinas, Argentina! This is a one of a kind salt mine where the water is freezing cold and the salt is used for making bricks, medical purposes and for icy roads!!!! 




These two photos were taken in Jujuy, Argentina! In the background you can see the “Mountain of Seven Colors”. What a sight!! 

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Well folks, I have two more months!! I will be posting more pictures soooon!




Hi everyone!!!

Today I am posting random photos of things I have done since my last blog! Hope y’all enjoy it!

 Here I am holding a beautiful butterfly <3 My favorite visit of all times! 


Visited one of the few remaining indigenous tribes in South America known as the Guarani tribe. 


Found this interesting historical artifact named the Racial Tablet which was used to rank people based on eye spacing, skin complexion, and hair texture. Argentina stopped using this in 1960s. 


Sitting next to famous comedians on Avenida Corrientes, a very popular street in Buenos Aires known for hosting the best theatre shows in all South America. 





Hope you guys enjoyed my photos!! I will be visiting the north of Argentina this weekend to a place called Salta, so there will be more photos to come 🙂




Hi everyone!!

My apologies for not posting in what seemed like forever! Classes have started and so I’ve been a bit busy but now I will be on track of things.

But to make up for it, I will share some awesome photos with y’all!!!

On the bus preparing for a 17 hour bus ride to the south of Argentina! 




After a very long bus ride, we finally made it to Iguazu!!!!!!


Check out this beautiful sight!! 








That’s me rocking my “Keep calm and fight on” shirt! Love HC!


Our next trip was to Caminito located in a very small town called La Boca 


And this is me again 🙂 


The streets of Caminito are a museum in the open air translated to “al aire libre” 




The end ! I’ll be posting more pictures soon!!

Bye bye everyone!




Hello Everyone!!!

So I’ve already been in Argentina for 11 days now! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Now that I am all settled in, I can tell you guys about the first couple of days here.

First, my host mom is amazing and her food is delicious! She reminds me a lot of my mother and so it is quite comforting coming home after school. The apartment in which I am staying at is small but cozy and just right. Although it is just my host mom and I in the apartment, we have plenty of time to get to know each other and this will also allows her to show me around the city.

Second, Buenos Aires is definitely a social city where every night there is something to do! It amazes me how much activity goes on. In addition, it is summer time over here so I am absolutely enjoying the wonderful weather while everyone at Holy Cross is going through a harsh winter. Sorry guys!

Third, orientation week is going pretty smoothly and the other international students are quite fun to be around. One major difference between Holy Cross and Universidad del Salvador is that in order to get to class I have to take the train and bus..also known as the subte y colectivo. While it can be a pain to wake up an hour and a half before class as opposed to 15 minutes, I get to venture through the city and so it’s not too bad.

And lastly, my Spanish has already gotten better! Fully immersing yourself into a new country can truly improve many skills. Everything here is in Spanish and so one is forced to learn at a rapid speed! Although this sounds scary, trust me it isn’t! It’s a great opportunity to learn another language.

Well, I guess it’s time for bed now! Good night everyone!!





Hiii Everyone!!!!

I am very excited to share my life story with you all! I will start off by introducing myself..

          My name is Kelly Garcia and I am from Chelsea, MA a small city outside of Boston. I am a junior at the College of the Holy Cross majoring in Psychology with a concentration of Women and Gender studies. This coming spring semester I will be continuing my studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the moment, I am very nervous for my trip yet a bit excited! I hope my nerves wash away soon! 

          I am currently packing which means my room is a complete disaster!! lol! My room has never been this messy 🙁 But it will all be over soon..I hope! As of right now, I have only packed my hair and nail supplies, medicine, lotions, perfume, and my family photos…I still have to pack clothes, shoes, purses, and much more! I have a long way to go still! This has been very stressful but everything will get done in time! #Hopeful #Motivated #Positive 

          This has just been a short intro to my life and hope you stick around to get to know me better. Feel free to comment on my posts and I will be sure to answer and questions or concerns you have! Thank you for reading my post! 🙂 I have to get back to packing now! Ttyl!! Be sure to look out for my future posts!!!  



Much love,

Kelly 🙂 



17 days left!!!!!